Spain - Summer 2001

I went to Spain and lived in Madrid for six weeks with the NSU in Spain program. I had a great time, Spain is a wonderful country, and even managed to greatly improve my Spanish skills. Click on a picture to view the full-size image.

This is the symbol of Madrid: El oso y El madroño plaza mayor in Madrid It reminds me a lot of Jackson square in new Orleans
this is Megan, myself, Taneka and Noemi in Retiro park in Madrid These are the people I spent most of my time with just a random shot of the countryside. We got to travel all over the country so we saw lots of the countryside
Granada. This was probably one of my favorite places. This is part of Alhambra, a fortress/palace in Granada. Very beautiful
another shot of the countryside this is part of the Olympic complex in Barcelona where the '92 Olympics were held
la Sagrada Familia (the sacred family). this cathedral looks more like a melting sandcastle than a church. Very creepy one of the gardens in Retiro park, a large park in Madrid This garden reminded me of Alice in wonderland
plaza de toros. This is the arena where the bullfights are held in Madrid this is an actual bullfight. Personally, I was routing for the bulls
Valle de los caídos. a monument built for the casualties of the Spanish civil war San Sebastian. Noemi, Megan and I went there for our last week in Spain
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