Bizarre Links

Yes, these are real

Amazing Cat Collection: Hillarious cats.

Betty Bowers: Advice from America's best Christian.

Black People Love Us: Find out why black people just love these two white people.

CatCam: it's not bad enough that people have webcams so you can watch every part of their lives, but now people have them for their pets. Pet voyeurs, this is for you.

Celebrity Morgue: Enough said.

Child Star Central: They were bad enough the first time around, but now someone thinks we care what they're up to now. Frightening.

Copouts: If you have a bit of a lead foot, this is for you. Order this book to tell you how to get out of speeding tickets.

Cuddle Parties: pay money to snuggle close to strangers???

Cyberspace Inmates: Prisoners want you to e-mail them. Complete with photos and bios. Great for the guy or gal looking for love behind bars.

Date Jesus: For all you single ladies out there. Jesus is single and looking. Are you his perfect match? Why not give it a try.

Despair, inc.: Providers of unmotivaltional accessories. Ever seen those posters with words like 'Inspiration' and pretty scenes. Well these people make the parodies to those.

Dressup Jesus: Honestly, I'm not sure how I feel about this one. It maybe too far even for me.

Engrish.com: This site explains precisely why you should never wear things written in a language you yourself do not understand. This includes taboos.

Facts on Farts: everything you wanted to know about your favorite bodily function.

Fat Chicks in Party Hats: mean, but hilarious. Random people from the web being made fun of.

FUH2: For all of us driving regular cars on the road.

Giant Microbes: Order plush versions of your favorite diseases.

Group Hug: Got anything to get off your chest?

Guide to Lock Picking: I have to admit, it would be a rather neat skill to have. Never know when it would come in handy.

Inmate.com: More prison penmanship.

In The 80s: An 80s nostalgia site.

Kidd Of Speed: A photo tour of the Chernobyl site by a young lady who lives in the vicinity. VERY interesting site. She's also got another site about local wars near her home.

Landover Baptist Church: I don't really know how to classify this site. Let's just say it's an "interesting" take on religion.

Lego Instructions: Instructions for every lego set. The site is in German. Figures... Germans are odd.

Mail Order Husbands: For those of you still looking for that special someone. Check out their selection.

Modern Ruins: A photography site with photos of all sorts of abandoned sites from recent times. Also check out Abandoned Stations for a look at New York's abandoned subways, and the Webring Homepage for Urban Explorations. Also, here's a site of some Japanese girl's photos of modern ruins in her country. There's even an abandoned amusement park. Creepy. You can try using google to translate the site, but it's still doesn't make sense..

No Longer Lonely: Dating for the mentally ill. This site is for real.

Optical Illusions: Check out these optical illusions. No, the images aren't moving. Your eyes are playing tricks on you. Feel free to venture off the page I've linked to, but the site is in Chinese or Japanese.

Ready.gov: This would be the second-try of "Duck-Tape your windows and doors". Is this for real? Unfortunately yes.

Satan's Laundromat: cool photograpy site.

Smalltime Industries: Try the 'Guess the Dictator/Sitcom Character' game under GAMES. It's sad enough that people are obsessed with television characters, now their computers are.

Strawberry Pop-Tart Blowtorches: When toasters and breakfast pastries go wrong.

Uncool Central: lots of 'uncool' stuff. A lot of the stuff on this site is actually amusing.

Universal Life Church: Become an ordained minister ONLINE. Entirely legit.

Urban Dictionary: Look up that lingo when you hear those young'uns using words you've never heard before.

What The Heck: enough said.

Wiggaz.com: enough said.

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