Places around the web that I find usefull from time to time

Amazon: where you can find just about anything and have it delivered to your door. Actually, I like to look for what I want here, and then go elsewhere to buy it because it's usually cheaper somewhere else.

Apple Computer: makers of iMac and the MacOS. I love my new iPod touch!

Bitter Waitress: a site for those of you in the service industry.

Classic Nick Online: information on all of those Nickelodeon shows kids growing up in the 80's watched.

Cnet News: what's going on in the computer industry.

CNN: find out what's going on in the world. At the very least waste a couple of minutes of your day at work.

The Cooper Institute:  A non-profit dedicated to exercise and wellness research.  Where I currently work.

Deep Discount: cheap CDs and DVDs, and no shipping.

DIGG: if you like the story, digg it.

DVD Price Search: Compares prices (with shipping) on from several websites to find the absolute best price on DVDs. By far the easiest way to price search for DVDs

The Dialectizer: see how people talk in other places.

Disturbing Auctions: people will try to sell anything.

DVD Easter Eggs: find hidden features in your favorite DVD movies.

eBay: locate your favorite childhood toys or other hard-to-find stuff.

El Corte Ingles: a huge department store in Spain. The bastard child of Wal-Mart and Macy's. Sorry, it's only in Spanish.

Facebook:  lets just say if you haven't heard of it, you're living under a rock.

Fark: a collection of bizarre and interesting news stories. Updated daily.

Gold Coast Skydivers: where I went skydiving.

Google: Everyone's favorite search engine. Check out google maps and loot at the satellite view. That technology has been around for several years, but leave it to google to make it better.

Hot Deals: great website, updated daily, with great bargains, both online and in-store purchases.

JCPenney: where I used to work.

Lockheed Martin: who I interned with during my summers in college, and where my brother Chris still works.

Louisiana Scholars' College: my old school!.

Mac Fixit: troubleshooting your Mac.

Macintouch: Macintosh news and information.

MadridMan: a great site with tons of Spain and Madrid information. Great messageboards for questions too.

NSU: Northwestern State University, where LSC resides.

Pariveda Solutions:  my previous employer after I left JCPenney.

Rate My Professor: good site to find out whether or not to take a professor in school. Available in High School and College versions.

Rotten Tomatoes: great movie review site.

Stennis Space Center: where I worked for Lockheed.

Television Without Pity: if you miss an episode of your favorite show, this site probably has a detailed synopsis.

The Weather Channel: always nice to know the weather.

University of Texas at Dallas: where I went to graduate school.

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