New York City, July 2004

Pictures from my vacation in New York City in July, 2004

Brooklyn Bridge 2
A nice view of the Brooklyn Bridge from the shore.
Another shot of the Brooklyn Bridge
Another picture of the Brooklyn Bridge.
Some skyscrapers in downtown Manhattan.
The Wall Street subway station entrance. I found this station neat because there was a cemetery right next to it. You can see some of gthe headstones through the fense.
Long Island Sound Beach
Westchester Country Club along the Long Island Sound in Rye, NY. I spent the 4th of July there with family.
A view of the Manhattan skyline at dusk. This was taken from the same rooftop I saw the fireworks from on July 4th.
Fireworks from a rooftop in Manhattan. That was a neat experience.
Coney Island Beach 2
Coney Island Beach. Surprisingly the beach was full of unattractive people in unflattering swimwear (although some chose to enter the water in only undergarments, and I'm not talking about children either).
A street view around Columbia University.
And Times Square again.
Times Square Night 4
Times Square at night - enough said.
Church Courtyard
The courtyard of a small church in midtown Manhattan.
Church Courtyard 2
Another view of the Church.
Central Park Owl
An owl in Central Park.
The Chrystler Building
The Chrystler Building
Library Water Fountain
A water fountain in the New York Public Library.
Library Lion
A stone lion outside the New York Public Library. I've been told that this is the same lion in Ghostbusters.
Group Photo
Nene (my aunt), me, Bryan (my cousin) and Zach (Bryan's friend) in Central Park.
African Tribe
Ancient African tribal art.
Medieval Stained Glass 2
A Medieval stained glass window in the Metropolitan Museum of Art. I wish I knew where they came from; I spent about 5 hours in the museum and was stil rushing through everything.
Temple of Dendur
The Temple of Dendur, an ancient Egyptian temple. It would have been destroyed with the construction of a dam in Egypt, so the US gave Egypt a monetary gift to help save some monuments, and Egypt gave the temple to the US.
Oyster Bay 2
A closeup of Louis Comfort Tiffany's "View of Oyster Bay" at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.
Subway Penguin Mosaic
A mural in the subway. The subway was one of the neatest things about New York; so much architectural detail. it was really neat to see how much time and effort (and money) went into building the older subway stations.
Subway Rat with Tortilla
No trip to New York is complete without seeing a subway rat. This one came out of hiding to get a piece of tortilla.
Green Building
The side of a building in Greenwich Village.
Building Mural
A mural painted on the side of a building in midtown.
Welcome To Times Square 2
No, this isn't a fake picture. My brother Matt knows the guy in charge of the billboard. He must have left that up for 10 minutes for our entertainment. Well, it made my day.
Times Square On TV
And there's us on the billboard itself. The camera on the lightpole is what's filming us.
Some sort of nursery rhyme sculpture in a park in uptown.
Cousins. Left to right are Julie, Bonnie, Tony, Matt, Zach (okay, not a cousin, but friend of one), and Bryan.
The Plaza Hotel, where I stayed for half of my trip.
Matt Bum
Here's Matt looking like a bum. That's really a bum's stuff too. Are you happy now Bonnie?
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