New Orleans

These pictures were taken at my aunt's house in New Orleans, the lakefront, and the French Quarter

The house itself.
This frog used to spit water into a pond, now he just sits on the edge of a garden.
A large stained glass window next to the staircase. Although it looks flat, the glass is extremely bowed out due to the settling of the house.
A closet upstairs. I just thought the light bulb from the wire would make a neat picture.
The old garage. Again, just something I thought would make a neat picture
The staircase to the basement. Yes, this is a real picture, not doctored up in any way. The house is sinking (as is all of New Orleans), and since the bannister side of the staircase does not bear any of the weight of the house, it can't force it's way through the concrete like the other side has. Just look at the crack on the floor.
The Funky Pirate, a bar down in the French Quarter. Shelly, this one's for you. I forget the name of this building, but I believe it survived the fire that wiped out the original French Quarter. Most of the architecture in the French Quarter is Spanish.
A shot down one of the streets. Gotta love urban decay! This is actually on Canal Street, the cusp of the Quarter.
Jackson Square, in the heart of the Quarter. Another street shot.
And another. The site of the old Pontchatrain Beach amusement park. This was the loading platform to one of the rollercoasters.
Also at the old Pontchatrain Beach site. Just a photo of the lakeshore. The Pontchatrain Beach lighthouse, or the Millenberg Lighthouse as it was originally known. To see the same lighthouse circa 1905, click here. It used to be 2000 feet into the water, but is now over 100 feet on land due to landfilling. Supposedly there are plans to build a hotel around the lighthouse. Seems a sad fate for a 150 year old artifact, but better that than destruction I suppose.
2010 by Mike Callac. All rights reserved.