Natchitoches: City of Lights

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Here's a picture of two of my favorite window visitors, Andi and Vanessa. These two started the trend that seems to have become a nightly ritual around the dorm Here is a picture of Kathryn and myself at the AOII Roseball. Her mother took this picture
Here's a picture of the welcome to Arkansas sign from a 'road trip' there. Sorry, all the other pictures from the trip are incriminating Here are a bunch of my friends at the Natchitoches Christmas festival. This picture is from our freshmen year
Shelly, the feet picture is still up. I hope you appreciate the fact that I could be arrested for having such graphic material on my webpage (lol) Here's a couple good friends of mine, Greg and Sarah, at the scholars' Halloween food fair
Here are more good friend of mine. This one is of heather, Crissy and Shelly Here's a picture of Andi and I at the LSC formal
Okay, I lied. This is another picture from our Arkansas road trip. Crissy took this one. Notice Laura's feet. This is a picture of some of my friends and I before the scholars' college formal. I believe this is also from freshmen year
Here's a picture of my T and T 1 class. We had an end-of-semester party at dr. Jensen's house. I think Deanna gave me this picture A wonderful picture of Maria (Shelly's friend), Joe, Shelly and jimmy at the infamous spring 99 toga party
Here's a picture of my friends after they had a scavenger hunt in Wal-Mart at midnight. Notice the exotic items in the basket. By the way, the gnome on the front of the basket is dwell Here's a picture of an old building in Natchitoches I thought it looked neat, so I snapped a couple of pics
Here's Kathryn, myself, Sarah, Charlie, Laura, Joe, Sara, Crissy, Shelly and Michelle at the casino for my 21st birthday This is new years eve, 2001, this is behind my house
Again on new years eve, this is the front of my house. We probably got 3 inches of snow that night A picture of my cat scout. She got that name because she gets into everything
Another picture of scout Here are john and Kenny at the 2000 LSC Founder's Day Formal
Here are Marie, Autumn, myself, Brett and Becky singing a Christmas carol to Dr. Jensen on Halloween This is Crissy and me around Valentines day 2001. This was a birthday party for Lynn/make valentines party
Another shot of me making a valentine Here are Lily and I after we took 2nd place at the Tarleton programming contest
Here are some of the NSU AITP members at the 2001 national collegiate convention Here are the NSU AITP members who attended the national conference in Chicago
Kathryn and I at TGI Friday's in Chicago Scotty, john, Kenny and myself at the 2001 formal
Heather rock climbing at Astroworld when Crissy, Shelly, Heather and I went over spring break Another picture of scout. If I do says so, she is a very photogenic kitty
Crissy being 'educated' by Dr. Cochrarn Some of my friends at thesis BBQ
The 2000-2001 LSC forum council A picture of most of the Scholars' seniors. The sad part is only a few of them actually graduated on time
Another picture from the same party,but a couple more people including Dr. Jensen, Laura and Charlie. Note, all names belong to full-headed people Michelle, Gaynelle and Shelly at Joe's birthday/end of year party
Frank, Kenny, Tasha and Mandy at the party Brett and Shelly in the third floor lobby of Boozman
Jennifer, Shelly, John, myself, Heather, Brett and Stacy in 'the boat' in the lobby after Heather's birthday party Heather, Shelly, john, myself, heather and Brett still in the boat

Andi, Vanessa. and I when Andi came for a visit. The second picture is of Andi in 2004; she doesn't like the picture that's here (she was fat), so she told me to replace it with the new one. It's not replaced, but here's the new pic. Shelly, John and Joe
John and I before Nichole and Bart's wedding A group of Scholars' at the wedding
Drew and Michelle Scout on her kitty tower
Kenny, Kathryn and John, right before she left for north Wilkesboro to work for Lowes Scout again
Shelly Heather
Scout with attitude Sharon and Dan at Shelly's housewarming party
Brett in the trunk of my new car AITP members at the national collegiate conference in Kansas city, MO
The first place system analysis team: Jonathan, myself and Xiao, with dr. Russell Thesis students at the LSC thesis BBQ
To bid Natchitoches a final fairwell, my friends and I ascended the fire tower and I took these pictures of the skyline. This is a picture of campus Another aerial shot of NSU's campus
And one of Sibley lake
As of may 25, 2002, I am no longer a resident of Natchitoches This ends the Natchitoches album. All new pictures shall be in the Dallas album. May 8, 2005 - Andi sent me a new picture of her that she wants to replace the one of me, Vanessa and her. So now, both pictures are above.
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