Madrid, Spain 2003

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After having fallen in love with Spain when I spent the summer there in 2001, I was determined to go back. I would have gone back earlier, but I needed to pay off the loan that I used for the first trip. This time, Crissy, a good friend of mine from college, went with me.

Here we are after having just gotten out of the airport in Madrid (waiting for the Metro). I think at this point I had gotten my second wind. Some sort of 'art' in central Madrid. It was a bunch of books flowing out of a window. I'm not sure what it meant, but interesting nonetheless.
A view from the balcony of our room. Barklay tower near the Plaza de Colón.
Plaza de España, I believe. Templo de Debod. An actual ancient Egyptian temple in Madrid. It was a gift from the Egyptian government to the Spanish government for their help in saving some monuments in Egypt.
Mmmm, dinner! A fountain at night on Gran Vía.
A fountain in Reiro Park. And a garden path in Retiro.
Gran Vía at night. Another shot of Gran Vía, this time from further east.
I took this at the Plaza de Ventas, the bullfighting arena of Madrid. They were lining the top of a walkway at the plaza. A shot of a Metro tunnel.
Here's Crissy visualizing our annoyance at the street performer in the background. He was playing a recorder and kept us from having a nice nap after our long trip. The Crystal Palace in Retiro Park. Notice how the water is frozen. I accidentally had the camera on stop-action.
The Roayl Palace. Some sort of local fast-food restaurant. They even have a website pinkpollo.com
Puerta de Alcalá. Just an intriguing picture of the sky.
A nice skyline picture of old Madrid. This makes a great desktop picture. Fun with funhouse mirrors.
A narrow street, right out of a nold book. Another narrow street. It's so odd to see cars on these streets that were designed hundreds of years ago for mostly pedestrians.
Plaza de Sol at night. Ventas, Madrid's bullfighting arena.
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