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here is my dad, frank (my old roommate), beet (my new roommate) and john behind the U-Haul to move to Dallas. gotta love the packing job a picture of my new room, all settled in. notice scout kitty on the bed, content as usual
here's a shot of scout, enjoying herself on the new carpet in the new apartment the first housewarming gift. a woodburning from Shelly!
Another picture of Scout. Okay, so this picture came from Natchitoches. But I took it while I lived in Dallas.
Okay here's a really bad picture of Shelly and Sharon. They came to visit for my birthday. Here are Kathryn and Lucy when they were passing through town on their way to Austin.
Here's a picture of Eddie, Brett's cat. It's named after Eddie Bauer. And another picture of Scout.
My (borrowed) K'nex rollercoaster. This has to be one of the coolest toys ever. Everyone who comes over is impressed by it. I can just sit there and watch it go. A picture of my Christmas tree. I decided to get a real one. I forgot how many needles they drop, though.
Here's a picture from one of my ventures around town. I found this in a park in the middle of uptown. Sprigging even the weather forecasters, it decided to snow all day one Sunday in January.
The parking lot of my apartment complex covered in snow. Another view of the snowy parking lot.
Here's Kenny playing his new guitar. Okay, so this was actually in Houston, but I didn't have enough pictures to justify a new page. Again, in Houston. Frank and Tasha in their apt there. I went to visit them in March.
I took this picture of the sunset right from my balcony. Another great sunset picture.
A bridge in Uptown Dallas. There's a beautiful creek area running though uptown, with parks lining the whole thing. A shot through the rail of the bridge looking down on the creek.
A view of Uptown from the Katy Trail. Another picture of Eddie, being frightened as usual. Lately, her new nickname has been "Special Ed."
Armstrong Park, in Uptown Dallas (I think). Another bridge in Armstrong Park.
SMU is one of the local universities. It's campus is really beautiful. It's full of large trees. Very un-Texas. Another shot of SMU.
And another. This one looks like it would be in some sort of admissions brochure. Crissy and Shelly when I was passing through Baton Rouge around July 4th.
Bart and Nichole at Crissy and Shelly's. They were down visiting family. They are in Virginia now. What a bunch of happy people. Nichole, Andrew, and Michelle. Andrew and Michelle drove up to BR for the evening from Lafayette.
John, Brett, Jessie, Chris and myself, before a day at Six Flags Over Texas. Charlie's Angels - Sharon, Dan, and Lauren. Lauren is a friend of mine from High School who Dan knows from College. It was a lot of fun to hang out with her again.
Here we are taking a break from the rain. It drizzled on and off all day, but the bottom fell out right as we were getting off Superman Tower of Power. Still wet
Gorilla in the mist. Here's Jessie trying to stay entertained during the downpour. Trapped. Since it was close to Halloween, they had these freaky-looking dolls all over the park.
Laruen and me during the downpour. And here we are after, all wet. It was still fun though.
Snow Day 2004! This is right outside of my apartment. A park in Uptown Dallas. This is one of the same parks I went to during the summer and pictured above.
Same park as before. Armstrong Park, also in Uptown Dallas.
And another of Armstrong Park Early summer in Plano.
The field across the street from my apatment. Unfortunately, I think they're building something there now. More field.
And more field. And more sky.
JD, the new addition to my household. JD and Scout, getting along.
A tight squeeze. JD sleeping tangled in the computer cables.
And here's Scout, exhausted from having a kitten keeping her on her paws. JD decided the trash can looked comfortable.
JD with the mouse on the fishing pole. This used to be Scout's favorite toy. JD decided that it was too hard to carry around with the pole attached, so he removed the mouse from the string. Little shit. A sunflower down the street from my apartment. For some reason, tons of sunflowers have been all over town this summer.
Another sunflower.    
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