2010 - the entire year

Pictures from 2010

Dallas got a fut of snow in Feburary. Here are some pics

Nobody was jogging on the Katy Trail this morning

A snowman on the side of the trail

Another family trip to Disney World in February. Here Eric and Janelle are trapped in a monkey cage

Ethan, Eric, Celeste, and Janelle waiting for a bus

Josh, Mandy, and a couple of the kids on The Jungle Cruise. I really like this pic, but I'm not sure why. I hope Mandy doesn't mind such a closeup of her nose

Space Mountain, as seen through the jungle

Space Mountain

Jessie hiding out in Winnie the Pooh's house

Dallas, as seen from Oak Cliff

Dallas, as seen from the banks of the Trinity River

Some shots from the Dallas Blooms festival at the Dallas Arboretum

Some pictures from Highlands, North Carolina

A downtown Dallas photo shoot with some friends

Another trip to the Dallas Arboretum

Dallas Skyline at dusk

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