2009 - The Entire Year

Random pictures from 2009

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Spaceship Earth in Walt Disney World in February

A quick family shot in Epcot

Spaceship Earth at night

The whole group of us in a tram on the Kilimanjaro Safari in Animal Kingdom

Bryan's tombstone. We (or Jessie and Matt) placed this in the graveyard of the Haunted Mansion. We had to smuggle it into the park. Bryan died on January 10, 2009. This trip was only a month after that

A cave in the Texas Hill Country in June

Shelly getting cozy with a camel at Mardi Gras World in July

Me and Shelly

Shelly flirting with the king

And now pretending to be the queen

A family portrait on July 3rd. We took this at Grandma and Leo's 25th Anniversary dinner

Portland Oregon at night in September. This was the view from the hotel room

A waterfall outside of Portland

More running water

And another waterfall

Danny and I after the Portland Half Marathon on September 6th. It doesn't look like it, but we ran through some pretty heavy rain during the race

A rainbow outside of the hotel. Actually there were two rainbows, one visible thorugh each window (the room was a corner room)

Some shots in the Japanese Garden in Portland

A trip to Michigan in September had me passing through Gary, Indiana, birthplace of Michael Jackson. This is across the street from his childhood home

Sunset at City Park in New Orleans in October

Debbie and Dad

A family portrait taken at Aaron and Jenn's wedding in October. It's a bad pic, but it's all I've got

New York City in November for my 30th birthday

Rockefeller Center

I saw this in a flea market and thought it looked neat. Reminiscent of a childhood Christmas

The loading dock to the ferry to go to Staten Island

Subway tiles

Little people seen in one of the subway stations

A window seen on the High Line park

Columbus Circle

Rockefeller Center

Mom's Christmas Tree, in December

Jessie's Christmas present to Chris... a tree made of giant vanilla Tootsie Rolls and Hershey's Miniatures. YUM!

The annual cousins portrait