Mattyc's Rat Tail
The Rat Result

After 3 months of intensive donations it came down to the very last donation. While Save the tail was in the lead for a majority of the competition, the opposition came out from behind a $450 deficit to take the lead on the final day of the competition. Then out of nowhere cutebug55 made of $25 donation to put Save the tail back on top by a mere $11. The people have spoken, and they have said, "Rat tails are no longer a thing of the past." The real winner here is Blood:Water Mission and all the wonderful people who came out and donated to support the cause. Viva la Tail.

About Blood:Water Mission
Blood:Water Missionis a registered 501 (c) 3 nonprofit organization that exists to promote clean blood and clean water efforts in Africa, tangibly reducing the impact of the HIV/AIDS pandemic while addressing the underlying issues of poverty, injustice and oppression. Blood:Water Mission is building clean water wells, supporting medical facilities, and focusing on community and worldview transformation, both here in America and in Africa.

The Rat Tail
The Rat Totals

Save: $1016

Lose: $1005


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***Note the Dates have changed to coincide with other fundraising events.